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The Viral and Retroviral Summit 2019


I’m Dr. Jay Davidson and, as your host, I’d like to thank you for interest in the

The Viral and Retroviral Summit!

Please take a moment to watch the first few expert talks below (and grab your free registration gifts, they may expire when the event ends)!

Expert Talk: Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD
Retrovirus and Gluten Sensitivity

·         Are you eating meat glue?

·         Importance of real food

·         Warnings of PCR viral testing

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Expert Talk: Randy Michaux
Missing Link in Epstein-Barr Virus

·         Link between parasites and viruses

·         Role of emotions on chronic illness

·         Why fulvic acid is essential

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Expert Talk: Christine Schaffner, ND
Endogenous Retroviruses

·         Retroviruses are the new epigenetics

·         Herbal treatments

·         Choosing the best lab testing

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The Viral and Retroviral Summit 2019

Since viruses and retroviruses can be incredibly dangerous, in an ideal world, you’d do your best to avoid them. However, the number of pathogens in our environment makes it very difficult to avoid them entirely, and many adults are likely infected with something they aren’t aware of. Fortunately, the prevention, treatment and reduction of symptoms can largely be linked to careful lifestyle choices.
  •  [New summit] Learn natural ways to combat viruses!
  •  What comes to mind when you hear the term “chronic infection?”
  • What athlete’s foot, food poisoning, warts and UTI have in common!

What comes to mind when you hear the term “chronic infection?”

The truth is: there are a wide range of infections today that can influence your body, either on an acute or chronic level, from the common cold to Zika, athlete’s foot to warts.

When chronic infections move in, the body’s immune system often fights a losing battle.
White blood cells simply can’t evict chronically infectious bacteria (and antibiotics often can’t do it either).

So, then what?

—>>First off, take a moment to register for The Viral & Retroviral Summit!

Second, check out this list (notice the vast and diverse “viruses” here!):

Common cold, influenza and pneumonia
Encephalitis and meningitis
Warts and skin infections, eye infections
Food poisoning
Athlete’s foot
Urinary tract infections
Gastritis and gastroenteritis
Polio, tuberculosis
Respiratory tract infection
Zika, Dengue, swine flu
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
Hepatitis C
To name a few!

Dangerous microorganisms can enter your body in a range of different ways and, once there, are responsible for causing a host of symptoms, some more severe than others.

Whereas acute infections cause temporary problems that are alleviated by rest and treatment, chronic infections are insidious by nature, and can cause deadly results.

For some people, chronic infections have no noticeable symptoms to begin with, but can grow to significantly degrade quality of life — it’s really important to manage infections as quickly as possible!

Perhaps the biggest threat surrounding infectious agents is that they can be found almost anywhere. Even those who take regular precautions to wash their hands after being exposed to bacteria and germs can suffer from an infection.

What’s more, attempting to eradicate the world of all pathogens could be potentially harmful!

Fortunately, most healthy immune systems can work to stop infections before they become a serious problem.

Join me at this important health event to learn about the prevention, treatment and reduction of viral symptoms via careful lifestyle choices.

—>>Click here to join me at The Viral & Retroviral Summit, free and online!

P.S. When you register for The Viral & Retroviral Summit, you also gain access to Dr. Jay powerful, eGuide, Ultimate Supplement and Detox Guide to Viruses and Retroviruses.


Don’t miss The Viral & Retroviral Summit from July 1-7, 2019, free and online!

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Thank you!

In health,
Dr. Jay Davidson


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