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The Undeniable Link Between Health and Money

The Undeniable Link Between Health and Money ??
Healthcare… for the rich (life and death for sale)
There are two medical systems in the World:
One is available (or is not accessible, due to economics) to the general public… And a second that is only available to those with enough money to access it.

From cancer to chronic disease–many of the best treatments are expensive… and NOT covered by insurance.
Meaning, many life-saving options are only available to those with the cash to pay for them out of pocket…
That’s not only true for medical care—but for prevention as well…

We all know to eat better…drink better quality water… eat grass-fed… pasture-raised… non-GMO… organic… local… real food costs a LOT more…
Chiropractors, dieticians, massage therapists, personal trainers, natural therapists, and gym memberships are expensive…
Infrared saunas, water filters, chemical-free cleaning products to detox, natural healing products…Quality supplements… Personalized medicine…
None of them are cheap…
They all cost money.

And those who can afford them experience better health and less stress.
The ole’ saying “Prevention is the Best Cure!” is so true!?

You deserve access to the best…
YET: Our education system will NOT teach you how to grow rich…
It’s designed to keep you working hard to make someone else rich.
Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago!
Spending Poor Time for Your Sad Money, instead of Rich Time for Your Wealthy Happy Money!
What starts off as Happy Money will go to Sad Money Pursuits – i.e someone else’s bank accounts, or sit & erode away in your bank accounts, to pay bills, pay negative compounding interest on credit cards, loans, and then on wasted lifestyle 21st Century consumer behaviors, spend, spend, spend etc just to survive. Just to make you “feel good” to help you feel like you have a temporary escape from the “rat race”. Short term needs, losing long term goals, dreams and vision. And all the Time, Your Health suffers mentally and physically ?

Take Control of your Life & Thrive with a New Behavior. ???
The N.E.E.W will guide You!
After all: “Your 1st Wealth is Your Health!”

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