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Test Don’t Guess! – Customized Nutritional Profiling for Your Body from Cell Wellbeing

To get Your Bio-Availibity , Your Absorption Right!

And bring Balance to the Gut!

(1)        DNA Cell Wellbeing Hair Scan to optimize the GUT and balance Nutrition.


Why Get A Hair Scan?

Cell Wellbeing Bio Feedback Hair Analysis

                                                 Test it! Don’t Guess it!

Know what’s right for Your Body with the latest German Technology.

Your Hair, is a filter, a window to Your world as it collects your DNA cellular profile of the

10 essential environments of the body with a 34 page – 90 day Optimal Health Plan Report on Your Cellular Health available within 15 minutes!.

Your environment controls up to 98% of the way in which many of your genes express themselves. This
means the way in which they act physically and control virtually all aspects of your life.

Currently, you and almost everyone else on the planet, are operating at a sub-optimal level due to the
effects of the environment. Processed foods, low nutrient intake, toxins and chemicals,
electromagnetic fields and extremely low frequency influences are responsible for a breakdown in the

body’s normal day to day functions.

These functions are driven by two basic processes which are crucial to the way in which your physical
body expresses. Firstly, the quality of new cells your body creates to repair itself and secondly, the

nervous system and enzyme processes which are responsible for all bodily processes.

As the environment controls gene expression it is the most crucial aspect of producing optimised cells,
which in turn produce optimised tissues, which in turn produce optimised organs and finally systems

and the entire organism – or optimised you!

Your enzyme processes are entirely reliant on a constant supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
for them to operate. Your nervous system is strongly affected by toxins, additives and EMF/ELF.

To optimise yourself you need to ensure that these processes are working at their optimised levels.
Anything less the optimum and you feel the effects in a loss of function, which can be reflected in low

energy, poor sleep, weak immune, poor concentration, irritability, general aches and pain, slow
recovery, susceptibility to injury and more. If left in a sub-optimal state for too long then this can
eventually lead to chronic health issues.

Understanding More on How Important the Science of Epigenetics is:

with Dr Bruce Lipton

The ‘Optimise Wellness’ program is designed to help identify many of the common environmental
influences that could be leading to a less-than-optimum output of your genes and enzymes. Also, to

provide you with a 90-Day Plan for dealing with these issues and optimising yourself through dietary
and nutritional programs.

                                                          Sample Report Download here

  • Can be scanned remotely from anywhere in world.
  • Post 4 strands of hair from nape of the neck with roots, wrapped in foil (see attached instruction sheet).
  • Scans for you and your family in Australia, printed 34 page report, hard copy posted & emailed $139 each
  • $110 each per scan emailed within minutes.
  • Partner deals : 2 or more scans for your family @ $95 each= $190.
  • Re-scans for You after 3 months $95 each (highly recommended to compare previous results)
  • Plus FREE Health Consultation follow-up by phone, skype, zoom or in person to thoroughly go through the results to help you understand and my recommendations (PRICELESS)



*Please print & fill out the attached Induction Form, then follow directions.

Download the Induction Form = GET STARTED

>>>> As discussed – My Next Recommendations for Optimised Health & Immune Boosting>>>>


The Cell Wellbeing health products and information found on Naturally Healthy Wellness  are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA)  nor the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Adminsistration Australia). The Cell Wellbeing Hair Scans & Reports are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or medical conditions. Please note that individual results may vary. You should consult with a healthcare professional for any health concern, and share any information pertaining to your health and well-being, including the use of any recommended supplements.



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