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*Results of Locally Tested & Validated Equipment  in South Australia

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Tony Mark-Seymour

August 12

We did some further testing on the Aegea products on the weekend. Using the Mora Bio-energetic device the Quantum Card has by far the strongest frequency and the results were very impressive indeed (you need to have a Quantum Card!).

Below is one of the videos we did using the EMF shield on a mobile phone, yes the technology works!. Over the next month or so the team here in Adelaide will share more of these videos using the Mora device. Thank you Josie Mably, David Mably, Mark Fonz Ferdinands and Geoffrey Bryant for your time on Saturday.
I would have to say the team was very excited from what they saw testing all the Aegea products.

Coming Soon…….

AEGEA EMF Sheilds Featured on TV- “Today Tonight” Adelaide recently…

Amazing Investigative Report
(By Today Tonight Seven Network Australia)


Today Tonight Adelaide October 10 at 6:33 PM

Catch Up: Surrounded by signals – but what is our high-tech life doing to our health? Now the new gadget that claims to protect you – we put it to the test. Paul Makin reports.

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Quantum Energy Cards and the World’s 1st Wearable Patches from AEGEA

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  • Q.    What is a Holographic QuBIT?


  • A.    A Holographic QuBIT is a topical dosage form specifically programmed for various ailments,  issues and outcomes. When applied topically, the Holographic QuBIT relays frequency fields similar to the active ingredients found in natural elements, essential oils, nutrients, or other substances.
  • Q.    What is a hologram and its uses?
  • A.    Holograms have very unique properties. One of these properties is its ability to act as a storage device for information; each piece contains information about the whole. Some of the most advanced computers that are used by major corporations integrate holograms to store massive amounts of data and information. Our Holographic QuBITs, act as a storage device for longitudinal electromagnetic waves due to their unique properties and ability to store information. This stored information may be used to assist your body in healing and restoring it to its normal, balanced state.
  • Q.    How is the Holographic QuBIT programmed to benefit the body?
  • A.    Holographic QuBITs are programmed with a proprietary combination of known frequencies and derived and from bioactive ingredients. Each active ingredient, which can be a nutrient or medication, is placed in an aqueous solution and the frequency is extracted. Longitudinal electromagnetic waves or scalar fields charge the target bioactive frequencies into the QuBIT.
  • Q.    Can different types of frequencies affect the body?
  • A.    It is a well-known fact in the scientific community that different frequencies can affect the human body in certain ways. The patented use of ultrasonic and electromagnetic frequencies are used to speed up recovery time of damaged body tissue and broken bones. Not only is the human body affected by frequencies, it uses frequencies for internal communication. The human body is composed of a multitude of systems that exchange energy and information throughout itself, allowing the human body to properly function. Together, all of these systems work harmoniously to create the entire function as a whole. Exemplary evidence of this is the human body’s central nervous system, which is comprised of neurons using electric frequencies to transfer information throughout the body.
  • Q.    What can interact with the body’s energy field?
  • A.    Stressors to the human body have increased tremendously in the past few decades. Genetically modified foods, pollutions, toxins, etc., have affected the ability of our body to function in the way it was naturally intended. The inventions of radio, cellular communication and other such devices that transmit electromagnetic waves have also caused a new kind of stress to the body known as electromagnetic pollution. The way in which we deal with pain, injuries, ailments, and stressors to the body has advanced immensely in the past few centuries. The medical field has been a blossoming industry that deals primarily with correcting these problems. In modern times, it appears that the cure to these problems is in the form of some sort of chemical that is ingested into the body.For example, when a part of the body is injured, our natural protective mechanisms go to work. White blood cell count at the site of the injury increases, which causes heat, loss of function, and pain. All of these effects are potentially beneficial; but after we know we are injured, the pain is not a good thing. Taking ibuprofen acts as a painkiller due to its ability to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins. It does this by interfering with the enzyme cyclooxygenase, which catalyzes the conversion of arachidonic acid into prostaglandins, which will in effect help alleviate the pain and solve one problem, but may also create others. As well as being harmful to your liver, ibuprofen may cause stomach pain, constipation, gas, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Alternative solutions to these problems – such as Eastern medicine – take a different approach to this. While the Western medicine approach clearly separates health and disease, the Eastern medicine approach considers health as a balanced state, versus disease as an unbalanced state.

Eastern Chinese medicine divides the body into parts by their function rather than their structure: the anatomical, physiological, and the psychological. These parts are all connected by what they call “meridians” which are electrical pathways that carry energy and information throughout the body.

When the flow of energy and information throughout these pathways is blocked or slowed down, our body enters a state of disease, which ultimately leads to illness and sickness. Electricity, magnetism, electromagnetic waves/fields, and acoustic waves can all be used to send messages to the body and its energetic field. Different forms of electromagnetic waves/fields and frequencies can influence the human body.

  • Q.    How can Holographic QuBITs enhance or benefit the body?
  • A.    The Holographic QuBIT fields enhance the metabolism of cells through a frequency that is beneficial and harmonious to the frequency of living cells, thus helping it function optimally.
  • Q.    When and who started using frequencies to heal the body?
  • A.    The application of using frequencies to heal the body has been around since the inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) pioneered electrical technology. As one of the most influential scientists of the last century, Tesla was a genius born ahead of his time. His inventions of alternating current, electric motors, radio, etc., have laid the groundwork for our modern day society. Although most of his ideas and inventions are well known and used today, there are some that remain forgotten, one of which was his invention of longitudinal electromagnetic waves. This type of electromagnetic wave contradicted the accepted mainstream theory of Heinrich Hertz that electromagnetic waves were transverse. Instead of merging their experimental results into a unified proof for Maxwell’s original equations, the two argued about who was right and who was wrong and mainstream science stuck with Hertz’s theory. Longitudinal electromagnetic waves were then forgotten about… until recently. A scientist by the name of Dr. Konstantin Meyl picked up Tesla’s work. Dr. Meyl was able to experimentally and repeatedly prove the existence of these electromagnetic waves and expand on this theory. Proving the existence of longitudinal electromagnetic waves opens up a whole new area of science for the world to understand. Through enormous amounts of research and development, we have been able to find ways to apply this cutting edge technology for practical uses. One of these new uses is our Holographic QuBITs with our Patent Pending technology.
    • Q.    What are some examples of how frequencies are used to help heal?

A.     Some examples include:

  • – Magnetic/electromagnetic field therapy
  • – Ultrasound frequencies to heal bones quicker
  • – Electric/electromagnetic fields to heal bones faster
  • – Light to speed up wound healing

Q.    What is frequency as it relates to electrical energy, and what in the body has electrical energy?

  • A.    Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. In the book, The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life by Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden, Becker, an orthopedic surgeon at SUNY Upstate Medical, described his research as understanding “our bioelectric selves”. The book states that every living thing has an electrical frequency.

Q.    Can Holographic fields enhance normal cellular communication through resonance signaling?

A.     Yes. Low biofrequency fields (or scalar waves) traveling at specific frequencies through the interstitial fluid between cells create resonance signals that amplify endogenous signals. Biofrequency fields move free electrons inside ring systems such as benzene, purine and pyrimidine commonly found in human cells, which induces a small electric current that provides energy necessary for cellular reactions. Cells move into resonance with each other, which draws energy and information from other cells and the environment. Biofrequency fields created from scalar waves or electromagnetic waves have demonstrated the ability to improve nitric oxide release, enhance blood flow, methylate DNA, activate antioxidant enzymes, and reduce inflammation.

Q.    How does normal endogenous electrophysical cellular communication take place?

A.        Chemical messengers such as hormones, neurotransmitters and antibodies travel through the small interstitial space between cells and attach to receptors transferring electrochemical signals that lead to a cellular response. Every living being emits a vibrating energy field with a unique frequency. The brain processes information and communicates with the body through wave frequency patterns. Memory is stored in the cerebral cortex of the brain in cell groups attuned to certain frequencies, making pattern recognition possible. Normal cellular communication may become compromised under conditions of illness, disease, or tissue damage.

Q.    Can Longitudinal (Scalar) Waves carry drug information?

A.     In a proof of concept study, scalar waves using the biofrequency of the drug clotrimazole were compared to the active drug in an invitro model of yeast. As expected, the direct (chemical) addition of clotrimazole showed strong growth inhibition over baseline (p<0.0001). Inhibition rates obtained by mere clotrimazole information transfer via scalar wave resonance (physical) was half of the direct drug effect, but still significant over controls (p<0.0001). The investigators concluded that the combination of both the chemical and physical pathways might enhance the desired therapeutic effect without an increase of undesired side effects.

Q.    If a person is hypersensitive or allergic to a particular ingredient, will they experience adverse effects from the QuBIT frequency of the same ingredient?

A.     If the body does not need or want the information stored on the hologram, it ignores it. Concerning allergic reactions, take for example if a person is allergic or hypersensitive to ibuprofen and the person ingests Ibuprofen, the body will then attempt to reject it with an allergic reaction. The same is true for ingredient frequencies stored in holographic form. With the frequencies stored on the QuBITs, the body does not need to use the frequencies if it is not beneficial to the body; it will reject them. For example, if you stay in the sun all day and your body produces sufficient vitamin D, then your body will then ignore the frequency and stop producing vitamin D. In essence, the body decides what the body needs. Without this innate system, people living on the equator would continually produce vitamin D3.

Q.    Is it possible for a person to become desensitized to the same frequencies, making it less effective over time?  If so, how long of a break should a patient take from the QuBIT before reapplying? 

A.     We have not encountered anyone who has become desensitized to a particular frequency. Again, like the frequency from the sun, if you need the frequency, your body will accept it; if you do not need it, your body will ignore it.

Q.    Are there parts of the body more receptive to the frequencies?  What parts of the body or types of tissues are less receptive to the frequencies? 

A.     Blood flow points and meridian points are most receptive to frequencies. Water and blood are much more receptive to accepting the information, versus something like the top of the knee with limited blood flow. We have also found that copious amounts of fat are not receptive; in this case, it is best to place a QuBIT on the wrists closer to blood flow. Placing the QuBITs on designated meridian points will increase their effectiveness. A pain QuBIT is best used where the pain or problem is occurring.

Q.    What is the potency of the frequency the QuBIT emits?

      • A.    Nothing is ever emitted. There is no power source. The QuBITs contain subtle energy fields that the human body’s energetic field is sensitive to and reacts to. This subtle energy field contains information that communicates a message to the body. The body’s fields can accept the information in various frequencies, both high and low.

Q.      Does the frequency change based on dose of the ingredient used, or is it always one frequency/ingredient regardless of dose?

A.      No, the frequency does not change. If the frequency and information is there and stored, it is available to the body. There is no dose or levels. The frequency of the ingredient does not change depending on the dose, it is always the same.

Q.    Are the fields emitted by the QuBIT static or pulsed?
A.     Nothing is emitted or pulsed. If blood passes near the QuBIT, your body may choose whether or not to accept the frequencies and benefits, but it is not responding to anything static or pulsed.

      • How quickly can therapeutic benefits be recognized by the Holographic QuBITs?
      • It all depends on how sensitive a person’s body is to the biofrequency fields. For some people, the effects can be instantaneous, while others may take longer.  Individual response times may vary.

Q.    Is there any evidence that therapeutic benefits improve with time or number of applications?

A.     Yes, it has been shown that more oxidation to the body is a benefit, and this helps cleanse the body. The more times you wear the QuBITs, the more you should benefit. We have found that ideally the longer a patient wears the QuBITs, the better the outcome, as there are many long-term benefits of increased blood flow and oxygenation of the blood on a continuous basis

      • Are there things I can do to enhance the effect of the Holographic QuBITs? 
      • Yes. Adequate hydration and electrolytes assist your body to reap the benefits of the QuBITs. Since most of the effects occur because of how they act on ions, especially calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium, these ions and electrolytes need to be at the right levels in the body. Proper and consistent hydration assists this process. Drink lots of water. Clean, alkaline water is best.


Q.    Can I overdose on a magnetic field? 

A.     Low-frequency, low-intensity biofrequency fields have minimal effect on healthy cells. A cell cannot make more energy than it is capable of utilizing. In other words, it cannot be “overcharged” with biofrequency fields. Only unhealthy or unbalanced cells need and use the extra energy from therapeutic biofrequency fields to get better.
Both quantum field theory and string theory express this phenomenon on the atomic and subatomic levels by representing everything in terms of a field or vibration of energy.
The essential oil Lavender has a high frequency of 118 MHz Rose oil is very high at 320 MHz Just to give you an idea, the body drops to a frequency of around 58 MHz with a cold or flu, around 42 MHz when cancer may appear, and drops to around 20 MHz when the death process begins. Generally, the higher frequency of the body, the better it functions.

Q.    Are there visuals that show the efficacy of the Holographic QuBITs?

A.     Flir photography of Holographic QuBITs visually illustrates how effective they can be. The pain QuBIT both relieves pain and increases blood flow. The increase in blood flow results in a faster recovery time. Below are before and after photos of a subject with severe lower back pain. On the left you can see that the lower back is inflamed and very red. On the right you can see that with using just six, small pain QuBITs, the inflammation has subsided substantially, resulting in less pain after only thirty minutes.



Kirlian photography is an excellent way to show energetic changes in matter. On the left is a Kirlian photo of a leaf. You can see that it is not very bright, indicating there is not much energy present. On the right is a Kirlian photo of a leaf from the same branch that had a Holographic QuBIT on it for two hours. You can clearly see it is almost fully illuminated, indicating that there is more energy present.



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