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Naturally Healthy Honeys


Naturally Healthy Honeys markets exceptionally locally made, pure & raw honeys & bi-products, with our leading brand ofHBH-logo-300x297

Honey has a long medicinal history.

The ancient Egyptians not only made offerings of honey to their gods, they also used it as an embalming fluid and a dressing for wounds.

Today, many people swarm to honey for its antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

Holistic practitioners consider it one of nature’s best all-around remedies.

Honey Bee Healthy Honey is a locally made brand  of pure, raw, natural honey (the best way to have honey :)) produced on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland & Bundjalong National Park near Evans Head in New South Wales.

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 Medicinal Honey- Bush Honey & Honey Products made with Love

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