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Core Greens


core greens

Doctors and nutritionists alike unanimously proclaim the importance of large amounts of fruits and vegetables in a healthy diet.

Finding the time to eat the recommended five to nine servings a day can be a daunting task. Synergy’s Core Greens and its enhanced Green Fusion Technology help you bridge the gap and provide the protection your body needs for optimal health and continual vigor.
The sun is the ultimate source of all life.
The green fire of photo-synthesis takes sunlight and transforms it into the energy that fuels the world. Our unique Green Fusion Technology is an advanced process that concentrates chlorophyll and other photosynthetic elements and delivers them in a convenient, easily digestible form.
Chlorophyll helps protect healthy cells, supports immunity, and acts as a natural deodorizer.
Many companies claim their greens products are superior because of the number of ingredients. In contrast, the Core Greens formula only includes the important greens you really need. This product’s concentrated formula includes wheat grass, barley grass, and oatgrass.
These cereal grasses contain an extraordinarily wide range of potent plant compounds, including antioxidants, phytonutrients, and flavonoids—all noted for their ability to protect, nourish, and strengthen the body.
The American diet often consists mostly of red meat and dairy products. This kind of food constitutes an acidic diet, and too many acids can adversely affect the major body systems.
Greens can provide an alkalizing effect and help you successfully follow a pH balancing regimen.
Core Greens is the only greens product you’ll ever need. It’s easy and convenient to take, and the water you’ll drink will leave you feeling fresh, invigorated, and hydrated. Packed with essential greens, Core Greens will brighten your day, enhance your energy, and improve your overall health.


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