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CBD, Hemp & Cannabinoids

Our CBD Oils & Pastes are:

  • 100%: Organic, Quality Tested, Natural
  • 80%Hemp Oil, 20%CBD
  • 500mg, 1000mg, 2070mg, 3000mg, 3600mg  100% Cannabidiol with Hemp Oil / Coconut or Emu Oil
  • Virtually No to Very little THC, being 0.0 – 0.2% each batch (has to be heated to change the pyscho-active compounds)
  • So you won’t get high getting healthy  !

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  • Discount Coupon Code: HempHappy for 5% off for 2 or more units


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  • Difference between RAW & DECARBOXYLLATED in the CBD User Guide Instructions and below…


*Please note: We have a Vape Pen range also  on our http://hemphappy.today website

Handy Tips:

CBD & Chronic Pain : http://cannabiseducationcentre.info/cannabidiol-cbd-oil-and-chronic-pain/

CBD & Autism :  http://cannabiseducationcentre.info/canabidiol-cbd-oil-and-autism/

 So yes we can help you with limited supply of this type of non-psycho active CBD Oil for now mentioned in this articles …

(assuming your in Australia & or New Zealand, if not there are other options I can supply you with, please let me know where you are in the world? )

Hemp Happy

This month, here at Hemp Happy, we are pretty excited to announce some new products, for a limited time onle and the CBD world News is ramping up around Oz. With developments, public meetings, seminars, government back downs and tightening up of legislation just to mention a few ..

It’s a forever changing landscape… enjoy the read…





Now You Don’t Have to Get High To Be Healthy!

Easy on the palette – Fine Quality Canabidiol (CBD) Oil mixed with organic Coconut Oil Extract. 100% Natural, Organic, Quality Tested.

(0 to 0.2% THC)


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New Best Price CBD List***






Cannabidiol Oil for All Your Precious Pets???

Check it out…


For your convenience, we have compiled search links for you below so you may more easily do your own research regarding CBD and the particular ailments listed.Please note we are not registered medical doctors and cannot make any health claims under current regulations. (please read our Discalimer below)

However YOU can do your own search into Google: i.e CBD and ………   e.g Parkinson’s Disease.

Please click on an ailment below to search and research on the google.com search engine…

We encourage you to do further research regarding CBD (cannabidiol) and you can use these simple search term combinations to effectively get the best search results…

This is an excellent introduction to Medicinal Cannabis as a treatment option.

Written by Australian GP Dr Teresa Towpik, this is an easy to understand resource for both doctors and the layman alike.

This book provides a lot of information on how Medical Cannabis works, why it works, so you can see exactly how it may help you. Essential reading for anyone interested in learning about Medical Cannabis as a healing modality.

Only $25.00 with your CBD order

or $40.00 (delivered seperately)


Really Good CBD Oil Pricing as of 5/09/2018

Products:SizeCBDCoconut Oil / Hemp Oil
*20 drops per/mlmlmgAUD $ Price/Unit
ADMIX RANGE *Ideal for All Animal & Pet Health – Hemp Happy Hemp Oil Extract Oils with Terpenes*Best efficacy for pets and humans

(*decarb only)

 *NEW Daily Health CBD/Coconut Oil AdMix,

  • 1mg per drop so same strength as the 1000mg/50ml and 2000mg/100ml
  • Testing popularity- limited supply
Admix/Coconut Oil

*Perfect for all Animals 🙂


*Best starter for Humans, better efficacy, highly recommended 🙂

Admix/Coconut Oil1002000350
Admix/Coconut Oil1003000420
Admix/Coconut Oil1003600540

100% Full Plant Extract

with 80%Hemp Oil/

20%CBD Oil Range

Tube Paste or Bottle Oil ???

*Raw or Decarb ???

*10ml Oil or Paste








(Oil: raw or decarb)

(Paste: raw & decarb)

*Raw or Decarb ???
Tube Paste only

FREE Download

The HempHappy Discount

Coupon Code & Bonuses

*Plus $15 Postage Australia-wide

*Plus $30 New Zealand

Eg. 1 x 10ml Decarb 2070mg CBD Oil

= $280 plus $15 express postage, 2-3days from receipt of payment.

Is $295 delivered


5% Discount for orders of 2 units or more 🙂

We have now created an order page for your convenience to fill out at anytime.

Recommendation #1 for Humans

FREE Download pages INCLUDING The Really Good CBD Cannabis Oil User Guide

Recommendation #2 for PETS

For Everyday, Hemp Protein, Hemp Seed , Hemp Oil, Hemp Flour and many more Hemp products….


>>>> As discussed – My Next Recommendations for Optimised Health & Immune Boosting>>>>


The CBD/Hemp/Cannabis health products and information found on Naturally Healthy Wellness  are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA)  nor the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Adminsistration Australia). The CBD/Hemp/Cannabis health products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or medical conditions. Please note that individual results may vary. You should consult with a healthcare professional for any health concern, and share any information pertaining to your health and well-being, including the use of any recommended supplements.



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